Slam on President in Sports page is bush league


In an article in the Saturday "Football Special" section of the Ann Arbor News, a sports columnist wrote the following:

So why not use the hurry-up offense more?  Heck, why not use it all the time?

"That's certainly a legitimate question, " coach Lloyd Carr said Monday. Which - coming from the man who said, "We're going to run the ball or die trying" - is a bit like Henry Ford advocating public transportation or George W. Bush championing fiscal responsibility.


This is what I have to suffer through on Saturday morning?  My liberal sports columnist's take on our President?  As if the Ann Arbor News doesn't have enough space to show its leftist leanings?  No matter what you think about Bush, this political take doesn't belong in a sports section.  It's amateurish at best. 


You can do better than that! (JC has written some great pieces in the past couple years, including an excellent article on Chris Webber and why he should be banned from the University, and recently a nice story comparing John Navarre to Jeff Smoker).