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Yelberton Abraham Tittle, from the Piney Woods of East Texas, played pro football from 1948 until 1964, retiring at 38 after starring for the Baltimore Colts, San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants. Although he was the quarterback in the 49ers' so-called Million Dollar Backfield, he is best remembered for his three years in New York, when his passing took the team to three NFL championship games, none of which they won, and for his willingness to take the field when badly hurt.


His daughter Dianne, a poet and concert harpist, has authored an unusual volume that is rich in memorable metaphors and explains her pursuit of the question, What constitutes a hero? Her answer is based heavily on her study of the Greek and Roman classics. Classicists will exult in the passages from Pindar and Martial, and all literate sports fans will love it. There are several excellent action photos.

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